18653_338456252322_5556892_nJeffrey Zachmann, the namesake of Zachmann Studios, Ltd., is a kinetic sculptor based in Fergus Falls, MN. He has been creating his kinetic sculptures since 1996. Before his career as a kinetic sculptor, Jeff worked successfully in ceramics. Jeff’s wife Deb is a librarian, and together they have two children: Carl and Kaila. See Jeff’s full bio here.





Carl Zachmann (the aforementioned son) is a machine artist at Zachmann Studios. With a wide variety of interests, Carl holds a B.S. in Archeology with a minor in Art from Minnesota State University Moorhead and a Master’s in Historical Archeology from the University of Illinois. He is married to Krista, a social worker. The two recently bought a house in Fergus Falls, MN. See Carl’s full bio here.



IMG_9095Klara Wagnild graduated in 2012 from St. Olaf College with a B.S. in Philosophy and Religion. Before joining Zachmann Studios, she worked as a reading tutor in the Fergus Falls Public School system through Minnesota Reading Corps. She now acts as Jeff’s executive assistant in charge of marketing and communications. She lives on the edge of St. Louis Park and Minneapolis, Minnesota.